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Product Range
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Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry processes huge quantities of lignocelluloses biomass every year. With the continuous challenge faced like higher manufacturing cost, increase in pollution level Pulp & Paper industry has now identified the use of Enzyme to reduce manufacturing cost, control environmental pollution level. A wide range of applications in the pulp and paper industry have now been identified. The technology for pulp manufacturing is highly diverse and numerous opportunities exist for the application of microbial enzymes. Compared to conventional production of recycled products, the use of enzymes is more eco-friendly and more profitable. Anil Bioplus specifically developed and formulated to improve Pulp bleaching, De-inking, and Refining while reducing chemical consumption and refining energy, improving paper quality, including strength and increasing production rates. Environmental benefits include the reduction in total Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in wastewater streams.

Sr. No.
Product Name Industry Application
De - Inking
Pulpase DI An effective enzyme formulation helps to improve the de-inking of recovered paper pulps
Pulp- Refining
Pulpase RF Used as a refining aid enzyme
Pulp - Bleaching
Pulpase BL An unique blend of enzymes which improves Bleaching of paper pulps and reduces the dosage of hazardous bleaching chemicals in subsequent bleaching stages