Product Range

Product Range
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Enzymes have always been a part of leather-making even if this has not always been recognized. Nowadays, enzymes are used in all the beam house processes and have even entered the tan-house. For each leather-making process which includes Soaking, Liming, Bating, Acid Bating, Degreasing / Fat Dispersion and Area Expansion, enzymes like alkaline proteases and lipases are used to get the desired result and add value to the final products. With ever-increasing demands for quality, reliability, sustainability, and process optimization Anil Bioplus offers total enzyme solutions for bating, un-haring, degreasing and soaking in the beam-house processes. With the introduction of our new range of products based on Microorganisms, we assure to provide clean and green leather tanneries.

Sr. No.
Product Name Industry Application
Anilozyme Bate-AC An acid protease enzyme used into leather bating
Anilozyme Bate-AL An alkaline protease enzyme used into leather bating
Anilozyme Bate-DH An alkaline protease enzyme used into de-hairing