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Poultry - Product range Product Specifications
Gain More –AE Gain More – AE is a specialized feed that provides high amount of energy to the bird. Non-starchy polysaccharides are present in most of the poultry feeds. NSP’s are non-digestible and reduces bird performance, increases the costs of production and lowers profitability. Grain More-AE helps in the utilization of fibrous portion of grains & grain byproducts by breakdown of non-starchy polysaccharides present in the feed. Gain More-AE also reduces intestinal viscosity resulting into digestion & absorption of trapped nutrients.

Benefits of Gain More- AE:
  • Decreases feed cost
  • Degradation of soluble and insoluble non-starchy polysaccharides
  • Increase in the availability of nutrients
  • Increases Energy value.
  • Improves fecal consistency.
Gain More –BE

Amino acid availability in a feedstuff is a function of the digestibility, absorption and utilization by the bird. Digestibility of amino acids is at its lowest point in poultry at younger ages. Gain More-BE breaks down complex peptides into smaller chains which are easily absorbed by digestive system of bird. Gain More-BE reduces feed cost, maximizes protein utilization by breaking them into easily absorbable amino acids.

Benefits of Gain More- BE:
  • Improves Amino acid digestibility
  • Increase availability of polypeptides
  • Increases weight gain in broilers and improves Feed conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Increases the Productivity of layers
  • Supports Gut Health
Gain More - CE

Phytates are anti-nutrients present in Poultry feed. Phytate binds inorganic phosphorus, minerals and other key nutrients making them unavailable to the bird. Only 20% of the phosphorus present in the poultry feed is available , rest is excreted as waste. Gain More-CE makes phosphorus present in feed available for bird consumption. Thus reduces the addition of external phosphorous source.

Benefits of Gain More- CE:
  • Reduces the addition of costly inorganic phosphorous, thus reducing feed cost
  • Increases the utilization of minerals & proteins
  • Reduces the cost of poultry production
Gain More - DE

Carbohydrates) are an energy source for poultry and make up the largest portion of a poultry diet. Important sources of carbohydrates in poultry diets include corn, wheat, barley, and other grains. Carbohydrates are typically eaten in the form of starch, sugar, cellulose, and other nonstarch compounds. Poultry typically do not digest cellulose. Gain More-DE helps in breakdown of complex carbohydrates (cellulose) & makes them available for energy production.

Benefits of Gain More- DE:
  • Increases Energy production.
  • Helps in conversion of non-conventional feed ingredients
  • Helps in weight gain & improves FCR
Gain More - Bro Pre Specially formulated Pre-starter feed containing all nutrients required for bird’s early growth & development. It is a unique nutritional formula designed with higher nutrient availability & higher digestibility
Gain More - Bro st Unique combination of amino acids, minerals, vitamins & growth promoter designed for proper weight gain of the bird.
Gain More –Bro Fn Finisher feed is used for further growth of the bird. It provides energy & fattening nutrients to make the bird suitable to be sold into the mark. Gain More-Bro Pre, Bro-St & Bro-Fn is available in both mash & pallet form.
Gain More –Ly Gain More –Ly is balanced feed containing better digestible protein & amino acid profile required to maintain proper bird health.

Benefits of Gain More- Ly:
  • Optimizes levels of protein & minerals
  • Enhances egg production
  • Improves FCR
  • Helps in attaining optimal body weight
Gain More – AL Major portion of poultry feed is low in lysine. Lysine is the second limiting amino acid in poultry. Lysine presence improves flexibility by utilizing nontraditional feed ingredients, which may improve profitability without loss of feed quality. Gain More – AL balances the feed by reducing the amount of high-protein raw materials in the feed mixture, giving an improved economy. It helps in better growth & improved meat quality.
Gain More –BM Gain More – BM is a formulated feed rich in Methionine – sulphur containing essential amino acid. Methionine is limiting amino acid in poultry feed. Gain More – BM enhances productivity, improves nutrient uptake & reduces cost. Gain More –BM also helps in growth, cell proliferation & development. Also plays a major role in feather development.
Gain More –CT Gain More – CT contains the indispensible amino acid - Threonine. It is the third limiting amino acid in poultry feed which helps in the digestion of lysine and consequently bird growth. Gain More - CT helps in improved feed conversion ratio & weight gain.