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Product Range
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Food processing enzymes are used as food additives to modify food properties like digestibility, texture and shelf life. Major enzymes used in the food industry are for starch liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization reaction. Enzymatic hydrolysis is used to form syrups through liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization. Another big market for enzymes is the baking industry. Supplementary enzymes are added to the dough to ensure high bread quality in the form of a uniform crumb structure and better volume. In food processing, animal or vegetable food proteins with better functional and nutritional properties are obtained by the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. Today's food processing industries are facing increasing demand for quality products with fewer additives and preservatives added, produced at high ethical standards. Anil Bioplus is offering a range of products to support these trends.

Sr. No.
Product Name Industry Application
Ultrazyme FA Is an alpha amylase enzyme preparation used in bakery industry, haze clarification in fruit juices and alcoholic beverages, glucose and maltose syrup production and other food products
Ultrazyme AGAL Is an alpha galactosidase enzyme preparation used in food and dietary supplement products
Ultrazyme HA 280 Is a heat-stable bacterial α- amylase used in Starch Processing
Ultrazyme BA 1500 Is a beta amylase enzyme preparation used in starch saccharification
Ultrazyme GA 300 Is a glucoamylase enzyme preparation used in starch saccharification