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Product Range
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Enzymes optimize the nutrient availability of feeding stuffs of plant origin. Monogastric animal like pigs or poultry do not have their own enzymes to utilize specific substances such as non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) and phytates. Therefore part of the feed is normally not digested, as a result of which the animal losses out on some nutritional value of the feed, plus there is an additional burden on the environment. However, by addition of enzymes to feed, digestibility of the components can be enhanced and increases the efficiency of nutrient utilization. Enzymes are now a well-proven and successful tool that allows feed producers to extend the range of raw materials used in feed, and also to improve the efficiency of existing formulations. Enzymes are added to the feed either directly or as a premix together with vitamins, minerals, and other feed additives. Anil Bioplus is offering range of enzyme which helps in improved animal nutrition while reducing feed cost and protecting the environment.

Poultry Application
Sr. No.
Product Name Industry Application
Biofeed EZ PB Plus An ideal synergistic blend of enzymes with probiotics helps to break Anti Nutritional Factors and make nutrient available in the intestine and gut morphology
Biofeed EZ APG An ideal combination enzymes, is a high-performance feed enzyme
Biofeed EZ P50 High-performance Phytase allows birds to better utilize the phosphorus in feed grains and helps digest the non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). It also releases calcium and manganese from complex form to digestible form
Biofeed PR PT A highly effective Protease formulation produced from a selected strain of Bacillus species
Biofeed PRO 4B20 A multi strain probiotic growth promoter resulting better Feed Conversion ratio (FCR) which reduces the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters
Biofeed LSN Is L-Lysine Hydrochloride used as an ideal source of amino acid