Product Range

Product Range
Anil Bioplus Ltd. - A Pioneer in Bioplus in India

Company Profile

Anil Bioplus Limited (ABL) is a pioneer in manufacturing bio-industrials, industrial enzymes, microbes (with enzymes) and bio-chemicals (Gluconate, Citrate) in India through fermentation process developed by a robust in-house Research & Development setup. ABL boats of a gamut of different grades of bio-industrial enzymes for textile, paper, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals industry and also in animal feed, distilleries and mineral gluconates which are used as a source of energy in veterinary applications, construction and various chemical productions.

With globalization there is an increasing and pressing requirement for customized solutions from the end users. Hence, the Application Development Cell at ABL works closely with the R&D experts to provide the necessary support in improving the customer's manufacturing efficiencies and the overall end product quality. Another key function of this cell is to identify applications and areas for the existing products in order to harness the evolution of value addition to the existing product line. The cell also maintains a role of a technical advisor to its customers. Cell is manned by specialists of our end user industries. It is here that ABL establishes itself as a ‘Solutions’ Provider’ to its customers.

The company, through its relentless efforts and keen focus on research and development has been making steady progress towards technology absorption, adoption and innovation. The thrust areas have been ongoing improvement in the quality of products, increase in productivity through costs control and development of new related products for various end uses.