Product Range

Product Range
  • Enzymes for Beverages

    Enzymes are playing a great role in modern fruit juice manufacturing industry and ... Read more

  • Enzymes for Feed & Others

    Enzymes optimize the nutrient availability of feeding stuffs of plant origin... Read more

  • Enzymes for Food Processing

    Food processing enzymes are used as food additives to modify food properties like digestibility,... Read more

  • Enzymes for Leather

    Enzymes have always been a part of leather-making even if this has not always been recognized. Nowadays,... Read more

  • Enzymes for Pharmaceutical

    Anil Bioplus is presently offering Fungal Diastase and Serratiopeptidase for Pharmaceutical segment... Read more

  • Enzymes for Pulp & Paper

    The pulp and paper industry processes huge quantities of lignocelluloses biomass every year... Read more

  • Enzymes for Textile

    With the increasing need to reduce pollution, increasing demand for quality product,... Read more

  • Enzyme with Microbe

    With increasing environmental concern, waste water treatment has become a major issue every industry is facing... Read more

  • Calcium Gluconate

    Calcium Gluconate is an ideal source of Calcium, a vital ingredient for strong bone... Read more

  • Sodium Gluconate

    Sodium Gluconate is sodium salt of gluconic acid, produced by the fermentation of glucose... Read more


Company Overview

Anil Bioplus Limited (ABL) is a pioneer in manufacturing bio-industrials, industrial enzymes, microbes (with enzymes) and bio-chemicals (Gluconate, Citrate) in India through fermentation process developed by a robust in-house Research & Development setup. ABL boasts of a gamut of different grades of bio-industrial enzymes for textile, paper, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals industry and also in animal feed, distilleries and mineral gluconates which are used as a source of energy in veterinary applications, construction and various chemical productions.


Research & Development Infrastructure

Recent Development
  • Anil Bioplus Limited is all set to infuse Rs 150 crore for setting up a manufacturing facility at Halol near Vadodara.
  • Anil Bioplus participated in Vibrant Gujrat Exhibition.